Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems

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Since I began teaching more than 10 years ago now, to share what I have learnt and experienced, one aspect that has repeatedly befuddled me is this saying that is churned out by so many (especially on the internet spiritual forums): 'There's Nobody Here!'. Finally it seems I get it: There's nobody here vs There's only 'I'


I have heard it said that the need for sleep is due to being 'awake' (in this physical reality) requiring a lot of energy from the 'one mind' to create this existence. I have some new insights into the nature and the reason behind sleep which I would like to share: Why do we Sleep?


I would like to say a few words about comparing teachings and teachers in an attempt to progress along the (so-called) Spiritual Path. I will call this page 'Chasing Shadows': Comparing Teachings




Many spiritual seekers - particularly men it seems, but not solely - strive for the time that they too can be the teacher; when they can claim to have achieved the perceived accolade of being Enlightened and of being 'The Master', and be able to teach others from that position. Why do people Teach?


A look at Natural Talents, and how they are often missed in schools and why parents need not give up if their children (or indeed yourself) are not so good at school. Natural Talents


I used to think it would be great to live in a community and I wondered why my own teacher would reject requests from people to set up a community for those following his teaching. Community Life


It is generally accepted that any truly Enlightened individual would be opposed to violence of any sort, such as is demonstrated in the Bible with the teaching that one should ‘Turn the other cheek’ to an attacker, offering them to hit you again on the other side. I would like to have a look at this idea though, to see whether this would always be the case – if all truly spiritual people would (or indeed should) be pacifists, as is often suggested. Fighting & Enlightenment


This subject has been in the back of my mind for sometime, regarding what is often called 'Road Rage', and how easy it is for some people to become a different personality in the car. Road Rage & Spirituality


Every so often I have had reason to look at the subject of Vegetarianism and ask myself whether I feel a person should be vegetarian…. After all, I am. Vegetarianism & Enlightenment


We are aware of the consequences of eating the wrong food, and the effects this has on the body; of not having the right nutrients, or the ingesting of large amounts of drugs and toxins, over an extended period of time. Here I would like to look at the effect of polluting the mind, and not only in the way that you may think. Polluting the Mind - Thinking


I have written pieces on several of the old religions and how my teaching is similar in many ways, when they are taken to their basics beyond the added beliefs and traditions. Here I would like to write about the Egyptian Gods. Egyptian Gods - Nut


I have written and spoken before about the truth of Love, why it makes us feel as we do and how to use the experience to grow in love and consciousness, instead of missing the person and learning to live with the loss, as is the norm for many of us. Here I wanted to talk specifically about Grief. The Truth behind Grief


It's been a few years since I started teaching, and during this time I have received emails from a number of people, usually male, most often in their early 20's or younger, who claim, either in their opening email or after some emails have passed between us, that they are now Enlightened. This page is about the belief behind 'youngsters' looking for an accolade of some sort, and who choose Enlightenment as their trophy:  Enlightened at 20 Years?


People occasionally contact me to ask about other teachings and philosophies. One word that pops up occasionally is 'Samadhi'. I have no knowledge of this, or related words, as have only ever followed the teachings of a western teacher who used western words, but a good friend of mine, Dr Nitin Trasi, kindly responded to a question from a visitor to this site about the meaning of the word. What is Samadhi?

"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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