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Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
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Free Will

Jan 18



Yes, there absolutely IS Free Will - 100% totally... :-)  


The other week I wrote a post [below] following an insight I'd had regarding free will, and I described that I do not HAVE free will; I AM free will. I, whatever 'I' am, am the energy of separation itself. And it is this energy that is being dissolved through conscious living. I am dissolving MYSELF, and therefore also the separation itself through conscious living. (And I'd seen that free will and 'emotional energy' as a whole - as I know it - are one and the same.) 


Now I would like to take this further as my understanding of this has deepened further still:


There is indeed TOTAL free will. 


BUT, it has two aspects: the conscious and the unconscious.


The conscious is of course the area we usually refer to when we ask if we've got free will. After all, what good is free will if it's unconscious? And as one begins to feel within and observes the goings on, one can get a sense that the will is not so free after all; and this has given rise to the now established theory that there is no free will. :-)    


So, here is how it works...


The conscious free will, where we 'live' and where the thinking process occurs, is only the tip of the iceberg. 


The bulk of the iceberg, the unconscious area that we are not aware of, is amazingly the very energy within the One Mind or Being that is creating one's body, the physical environment, and is responsible for the circumstances of one’s life AS WELL as keeping the entire charade going day-to-day, moment-to-moment.  :-)  


So we have the one energy, a small part of which we have instant and immediate access to (just by being aware), and the remainder is creating our entire worldly outer experience...


But how is any of this helpful?


Well actually, if you can get what I'm going to explain (and it's what I've been saying for years, though it generally falls on deaf, or disinterested ears), it could transform not just how you perceive your life, and not just how you live it, but the very circumstances of your life could improve amazingly, with one simple mental shift - but you do have to keep doing it. :-)


Right, here goes:


When the unconscious-will has something 'going on', such as a physical situation it is either in the process of developing or perhaps one that might already be in full fruition, and that is or will be responsible for emotional suffering, the conscious-will knows this is occurring because of the interference of the peace in the conscious area. Literally, one cannot stop thinking about the problem, and can be driven near insane reliving the situation over and over, perhaps imagining different scenarios; or they might go to extreme lengths to avoid the mental torture, trying to take their mind off the situation at hand.


BUT, doing either of the above misses the gift that is on offer:


When one gets the warning that the unconscious is working on creating a physical situation that is or will be emotionally uncomfortable, if the conscious mind (will) is held still and aware and this is directed at the discomfort itself, this makes the unconscious energy CONSCIOUS...


Yes indeed, in any situation, using the conscious free will to hold the emotional energy (aka the unconscious-will creating the external situation), this will literally dissolve the energy creating the physical situation.


Now THAT'S amazing!!!


Sure, if it's a death or a loss, or a situation that has since passed, then all that can perhaps be done is to make the emotion conscious, and unite again with that energy so there is no feeling of being incomplete, and move on to some extent. But there will be a sense that all is now well.


But in any other situation, once you have done all you can practically, if you can get on with the REAL work, which is within one's self, and endure the emotion consciously, you will find it will resolve itself quicker than you could ever have imagined.


Thus, this massive unconscious area of the free will is no longer out of reach as one might have assumed. It's just that you can't get to it all at once. We are drip fed, situation by situation. But if you work with it, your conscious energy will grow and the unconscious energy will diminish, you’ll become increasingly self aware and your life will improve.


It’s been my life since I was 18 years old (and you can read or hear my story).


Are you willing to try it? :-)

Nov 17

Shared if only for historic reasons as to how the above came to be


Yesterday, moments prior to turning out to go to sleep I saw a post on a group asking simply whether we have free will, with voting buttons 'Yes' or 'No'? 


Putting aside the question of 'we' (another story), I immediately found that I felt slightly irritated at the question... 


'What difference does it make?' I asked myself. If there is no free will then one's answer to the question is already determined!


But it was more than this. Something about the question really made me uncomfortable, like it's asking an impossible and ridiculous question. It was almost offensive to me. And then the words came to me, and I ignored the voting buttons and wrote the following short comment beneath the post:


'I do not HAVE free will, I AM free will! I, whatever I am, am separation itself.' 


Then I tried to go to sleep, but the energy of what I'd seen, and was seeing was incredible, and I lay awake for quite some time looking at this further. Whatever was occurring felt particularly profound, and it was! 


This 'place' is a dream (for want of a better term) within the One Mind or Being. Without this manifestation there is nothing. Then a 'need' emerges within it to experience 'something', to be separate, to be 'free'. This is the origin of the separation. It creates the appearance of the physical environment, and a body through which it may interact with the environment, and off it goes, living the life it creates for itself. 


I've always talked about the above in relation to the emotion, stating that this 'need' to experience, to be separate, is the backbone of every emotional feeling one has and the very energy creating the physical environment each and every moment; and making the emotion conscious literally dissolves the separation within and without... 


But (and it's a huge BUT), I have never given the subject of free will much attention. It just didn't seem important, but suddenly it's all been burst open, and it's SO OBVIOUS (as everything is, once pointed out). The 'need' to experience that I've always talked about, the development of this into emotional  feelings and everything that happens in the physical appearance, IS FREE WILL (by another name)! 


And this is precisely why spiritual people can struggle to comprehend whether or not there is free will. They feel inside, connect 'within', and find it difficult to deny the energetic impulse which screams 'separation'. And yet, as one develops the spiritual connection, it also becomes apparent that 'I' am not separate. So how can I have free will if it's all connected? 


And of course, the answer is so clear (and I can't be the first person on the planet to have seen and said this, but I'm sure that I haven't heard it before)...


There IS free will! Feel it. There it is! But (BUT), there is NOT a free will independent of the rest of the physical environment. You are not separate from the rest of the environment. This very place of experience is free will itself. So, to me, 'I' am free will itself. And likewise, as I've always said about emotion being the energy creating this place, and dissolving it and making it conscious is what's occurring through this world of separation, the exact same description and characteristics can be ascribed to free will. The free will is the foundation and the backbone, and the fuel driving as well as the material creating this entire experience. And it is the free will, the need to be separate, that is being dissolved, made conscious and will eventually be reabsorbed into simply Being.


When spiritual people are asked whether they have free will, many claim not, and yet they would not hesitate to confirm that they have emotion. This is true, to an extent, as they sense they are not separate from the physical environment and yet FEEL emotional feelings. But eventually the experience of BEING becomes so prominent, and the emotion (free will) has been dissolved so much, that the emotional feelings are no longer powerful enough to separate the sense of 'me' from the sense of union - which is the original state prior to the free will ever emerging.


So do I have free will? No, I don't HAVE anything. I AM free will, until I am not.


Nick Roach


"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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