Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems

Polluting the Mind - Thinking

We are aware of the consequences of eating the wrong food, and the effects this has on the body. Of not having the right nutrients, or the ingesting of large amounts of drugs and toxins, over an extended period of time. Here I would like to look at the effect of polluting the mind, and not only in the way that you might expect.


We are becoming increasingly aware of the effect that stress can have on the body, and also of how holding onto past hurts, pains and resentments can fester and make one bitter, not only showing in a permanent screwing up and a scowling of the facial features, but also of the detrimental effects this can have on one's health, as the emotional inner turmoil saps one's strength and eats away from the inside. But I am not here to talk about the body. I am here to talk about your life.


If you have followed my teaching for a while, you will know that I teach from, and of, the realisation that all that you experience happens within you, within the one being that you are. Nothing exists without you being here and all exists because you are here. God Realisation is indeed the realisation that the space that you are, is God. Well, what else could it be? If there is indeed one God, and it is everything, then you must be it... mustn't you? Many of you have heard me say that before.


Here I am going to talk about the effects your emotional state has on circumstances outside of you, in the world around you.


Does that sound like a strange idea? What possibly could your own emotional state have to do with what happens outside you? Well, it's very simple... As I said, this is ALL you. That means, both within and without. In fact you may have heard that saying before: 'As within, so without'. This is the truth.


You see, there is indeed one being here, and it is you, and you are experiencing situations created within your own consciousness or mind. For me to say this really is nothing new. Even the Buddha, when asked who or what he was, apparently stated simply 'I am awake'. To be Enlightened or God Realised is to be awake. However, do not think you get off that lightly. You (let's say) may be awake, but only enough to know you are asleep (also called lucid Dreaming). The fact is, you are still dreaming, however Enlightened you may or may not be. How do I know this? Simple. Because you are still here. When you are no longer here, the dream has ended. Until then you are still asleep. Pretty simple; yes?


Back to the point of this page:


Having accepted (the idea at least) that all this is within your own mind, and in effect you are asleep (as God is asleep) you can begin to see how your own thoughts and feelings may indeed have an effect on what happens in your dream. In fact that is the truth of 'Karma', as your own emotional holdings within are lived out in the world around you. What do you think is happening when you are angry, resentful, jealous, malicious, vicious, aggressive, or even just upset? Where do you think it is going? Well, all that emotion, which has been created within you, is stored within the psyche, your psyche, which is what creates the apparent world around you. Now, I am going to be a little blunt here, and make a comparison between this and a person urinating whilst sitting in the bath, or like fish in an aquarium, swimming around in their own faeces. That is until a filtration system is in place to convert all the waste into harmless substances.    


I don't know if this makes sense to you, or whether you can see this or not, but I just ask, if you can, that the next time you go to abuse someone, even yourself, either out loud or silently, just be aware that you are creating your own waste which you must then live in. That bit of emotion will create your future. That is not to say you can be a saint, and existence here is such that there is no failure. The individual (you) is just living out the need to exist, which is the very emotion you are feeding each time you get emotional. It is just that it is good to know that your filter is your awareness; the space between the feeling and your knowledge that you exist. It is the pause before you get lost in the bad feeling and it takes you over. The longer you can hold this pause, the less emotional you will be. As I say, to 'be aware of where you are and of what you are feeling' (both within and without), at any moment, will root you to the fact of the situation, limiting the imagination and thus restricting the amount the mind feeds the emotion,  whatever is happening outside. Thus the mind is purified, both within and without. In truth there is only one, and you are it.


Just to sum this up, the above is not new. Thousands of years ago it was written, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you', and 'Love thy neighbour as they self', and even a slightly more obscure one, about casting your bread upon the waters, and see what comes back. Then we have the more common one, 'What goes around comes around'. When you put bad feeling out there, be aware that it is going nowhere but floating around in you. There is nowhere else for it to go, and it will come back from both sides, both within as more bad feeling later, and most likely outside as well in some form or other.       


Stay conscious. Stay aware. Stay awake.

"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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