Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems

Book Reviews

Below are a few from readers following the release of the first book, Enlightenment, the Simple Path:

America - Your book is fantastic. I'm reading it everyday. Thank you very much for publishing it.


Micro-Review of a Very Groovy Book that I'm reading right now:

Enlightenment, The Simple Path by Nick Roach is a dandy of a little book on enlightenment. All the way from England, Nick boils enlightenment down to something very very simple: be aware of what you are, where you are, and what you are feeling ... now. That's it. There are no tricks other than to recognize that you are the consciousness that you have been seeking. None of this will necessarily strike anyone as new, but Nick writes in a down-to-earth, non-pretentious, and commonsensical style that I find very refreshing and engaging. This book is definitely well worth reading, and I feel quite good about recommending it.

-- Jordan Gruber, Founder of


 I thank you for your book. You keep it so simple, 5 September 2006

In the past week I have found your book to be so simple and just so clear ......and you have such a wonderful sense of humour about it all. What a relief !....I am often surrounded by some of the heavier "nobody there" type of spiritual friends ..... ....who get so tied up in the language of the whole thing. Yet we are all "singing from the same hymn-sheet" at the end of the day. It is all the same truth .....just accessed from different directions.......and I thank you for your book (and CD listened to tonight) keep it so simple... WHICH IT IS!


 In my opinion, this book is a great assistance, 20 September 2006

Dear Nick:
I am enjoying a re-read of your first book. I really am glad to have set it aside for some time. The teachings are simple, yet as is so often the nature of a teaching's simplicity, they are elegant as well. The execution of the teachings may result in practice over a lifetime, or one might just see the gift of here and now. As I see it right now, either way, an experience (i.e. what is happening to you or what you happen to be creating in life at any given moment) is to be valued for what it teaches.

In my opinion, this book is a great assistance.

 My most borrowed book, 6 Jun 2006

I've read literally hundreds of books on the subject of spirituality and this is one of, if not the best. It explains everything in a simple and accessible yet concise manner. I've loaned this book out to many friends who are at different parts of the spiritual spectrum (if there was such a thing) and every single one of them has described it as brilliant and most bought a copy for themselves.


Your book is amazing      March 2006

Hi Nick,
I hope this email finds you well, although I suspect that you are. I continue to read your book and learn something new everyday. More and more I am seeing that quiet space. Although never for long. But it is easier each time and the contact is longer. My emotions, for the first time in my life, are under control. I understand where they are coming from and it is now so much easier to deal with what is causing them. And for that I owe you a huge thank you.


Great Book     February 2006

Just a quick email to say that I thought your book was great. It has a great clarity of expression that seems to cut to the core of reality. Some books you read and then keep on the bookshelf; however yours I keep dipping into. So thank you for the time and care you spent putting it together and sharing of yourself.

Straightforward Spiritual Guidebook   November 9, 2005

Nick Roach gets to the core of how to actually become enlightened. I've had glimpses of this awareness from listening to his CDs and now this book, and have found his approach to be very direct and insightful. His main pointer is to simply "be aware of where you are and of what you are feeling."

I like this teaching because there's a method to it, more than just navel gazing. In fact, he doesn't seem to be big on meditation at all. He says he came upon enlightenment over a period of years, rather than accidentally or suddenly through a guru. To me, he is a helpful guide because he describes the deliberate steps he took to reach enlightenment.

I didn't read this book straight through, but just opened it up and began reading at random. The chapters are short and easy-to-read and include such diverse topics as "Standing Up for Yourself," "Coincidence and Deja-Vu," and "Sex Versus Making Love." One chapter suggests "being aware of where you are and what you are feeling" while watching television!

There seems to be no bravado in this book at all. It also has interesting insights into how we are controlled by our emotional ups and downs and how emotions drive the mind and keep us from becoming more conscious.

I'm sure I'll refer to this book again and again and I'd highly recommend it to anyone interested in enlightenment.

Accessible to the casual reader or the serious student   November 11, 2005

Enlightenment, The Simple Path is a good indication of the intent of its writer, Nick Roach. He has penned a book on a subject about which much has been written, yet about which much continues to be shrouded in esoteric terms and complexity. Nick, who states categorically that he is enlightened, really begins teaching from page 1. His friendly instruction is simple: “Be aware of where you are and what you are feeling.”


A cushion caveat for those who are monastery catalogue junkies: you don’t need a bell, book, candle, incense or cushion to do this—unless you do. According to Nick, if you want enlightenment you can have it, right here, right now. There is no need to go chasing off to India or Japan, or Tibet, unless you truly want to. There’s no need to do anything special or different, unless you truly want to. However, as you are practicing becoming aware of where you are and what you are feeling- -he is plain about this point- -be honest about it and act from that inner place of integrity. This is the place where the rubber hits the road, as we say in the States. This book will help make the impact a little less rough.

True to the teaching of its author, the format of the book is set up in such a way as to be completely accessible to the casual reader or the serious student. The book is divided into numbered chapters. The chapters are divided into subject headers. How does being Enlightened Affect Memory?, Dangerous Sports, Do You Want To Be Rich & Famous?, and Promiscuity are just some of the topics. No subject is longer than three pages, making this the ideal book to take along on a commute or to pick up and read from any page (wherever you happen to be in your life).


Some of the material is a review of his teachings, which can be found online at This is a very user-friendly book if you wish to wade into the subject gradually, or if you are ready to dive into the depths.


Easy to read, easy to understand. November 11, 2005

I was curious about the subject of 'Enlightenment' as my Grandmother had always talked about herself being a 'spiritual' person and I thought this was the same thing. It isn't, it's a different view of your life and teaching you a different way to live it, in order to get more out. There is no mumbo jumbo and the book tells it like it is. You will be amazed by its open and frank approach, and even if you decide it's not for you at the end, it's a worthwhile and fascinating trip into the concept. I think it's one of those books you will want to have by you for a few years and re-visit at different times in your life.

"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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