Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems


Here is a sample of the type of letters and emails Nick receive through the website site via email after some meetings. If you would like to contact Nick, please go to the contact page for more details. 

Hi Nick,


I met you and your partner a few weeks ago. I came up for a 1-1 and met in the Hotel.


After meeting you I spent a week or so inspired and sort of under a spell I went for walks and watched my thoughts. I've been meaning to contact you again and I'm not sure why other than an inner feeling.


This morning I walked back from school along a blossom covered path and just stayed aware. I then drove into town and continued to stay aware and a kind of delicious peace came over me and it seemed easier not to think than otherwise. On driving back the feeling deepened to the extent that I kept on driving miles past my home very aware but not thinking (I did sometimes detect my mind trying to 'get in') but gently ignored it. The spell was so nice that I felt I had to pull  over and just be fully aware of the rain on the roof and screen. as I write I still feel 'empty' and my body and mind feels smooth and good. Is this it? If it continued I'd be a happy rabbit.

I think I saw briefly how the mind subtly veils this clarity without you really noticing the switch.

I just been wanting to contact you (in a non loony way) for a day or two.

Anyway -



PS It's still with me, as if I'd deeply meditated when I haven't!

Dear Nick,


I just saw you (at the talk) in Ewell, and the only question I thought of was after the lecture (which was 'will it be clear if it's happened to me-how do you know if it has?'), and after reading what you said on your website, I think I should be able to tell.


I've been following this work for a while, and found everything you said was the clearest and most sensible explanation I've heard. Others have been good, but didn't get me anywhere, but I now feel I have all the explanations I'll need (this is after about 8 years of looking) from your simple hour's talk, and already feel a lot better in myself. I honestly believe if your short message was repeated all over by a number of people the confusion that often surrounds enlightenment would rapidly dissolve.

Well, if there are any clues I may notice to indicate I am, in fact, getting there that you can point out that would be good, but I think I will probably pick them up now.


Your understanding of general problems was also incredibly deep, one I've rarely come across, and something relevant to my own work as a psychotherapist.

Thanks again for your help,


yours sincerely



It's James.


Just wanted to share an experience Daniel and I had last night whilst we were driving home (after the meeting with you). I had a big shift in consciousness or an insight.


I realised that I am the only one here and everything else is a dream. I know you have talked about it for a while and I have read about it, but I finally understood it!


I was being still this morning and realised that if I am God, and God (I) created humans to experience himself (myself), and my life is a dream ("A dream it maybe"), nothing is real but I am God.


Then I must be God dreaming?


Now I realise that I am creating everything and I only attract things, events, people into my life to learn from.


I just have one question. If I am God and only I exist then how can everyone else from their perspective be God and realise it also?


Hope this makes sense.





Hi Nick (my imaginary friend)

Just to let you know that I got home safe.. The fear has left me now and I feel pretty good. Everything is alright! It is nice to now that you are out there in order to share my experience with. Real or not.


I feel really heavy like something is pulling me back down to earth. I also feel peaceful and like I have smoked a lot of hash or something.


On the way home I shared what I talked about with you to James and we both seemed to get a glimpse into the reality that we are creating our reality.


The rational mind is starting to kick in again and is bringing me back to the reality that I know. It is probably enough for the time being anyway.


Thanks for showing me myself.


Peace and Love



Dear Nick,


I wanted to wish you a happy New Year for 2011.


It has been a while since we last spoke but I wanted to share something with you that happened to me yesterday.

Whilst at work something happened, I have been working on just being present since we last spoke and yesterday I was writing with a pencil and realised that when I touch the pencil and connected with it I became the pencil and the tips of my fingers disappeared to nothing.


This feeling stayed with me and I went to be with this insight, around 3.00am I woke up feeling a little bit odd. I had this almighty feeling of expansion in my body particularly around my head and I can only describe the feeling of total joy overcame me. I couldn't control the feeling and every time I relaxed into it the feeling got worse. In the end I was laughing, and crying at the same time. This lasted for about an hour or more. I eventually went to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later filled with wonder.


I realised that I am more than just my body, I am connected to everything and everyone, what I see with my physical eyes is just a world that I have created and that I am not my body, this is something I use to function in this reality. I am part of everything, and of nothing. But in knowing this absolute truth the feeling of expansion has gone. I just have that knowing.


I am still waiting for this to be a constant state of being.


Will you be doing any seminars or talks this year? As I would really like to attend one.


I look forward to hearing from you.



Hi Nick,

I thought I would send you a quick email to let you know that all is well with me.
I had a lovely holiday in Crete and had some beautiful insights.



...Anyway, I was sitting by the pool and i could see the shimmering reflection of the water was in the trees and suddenly I realised that everything was just a reflection of me. That everything begins with nothing, and that light is only seen because of the nothingness.

It is hard for me to verbalise this as I understand it but cannot explain it well.

I know that you understand what I am trying to say.


Life is good



"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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