Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Enlightenment, by Nick Roach
Enlightenment, by Nick Roach


Since the publication of Nick's books, enquiries are being made into possibilities for Nick to give talks at various venues across the UK. Some are at public events while others are private talks, such as schools and colleges.


Please contact if you would like to look into Nick giving a talk at another venue,

Contents of Talks


Talks cover a variety of subjects, but are likely to be focusing primarily on the experience of Enlightenment or Self-Realisation and dispelling some of the myths. To be in the presence of someone talking on this subject who is actually experiencing it as they speak is very rare.


Nick also deals with problems of everyday living which could be said to be the interruption in the Enlightened state.


The only thing between you and Enlightenment (your own self-knowledge) is the emotion within you. Therefore the talks also cover how to dissolve emotion, freeing you of its control. Questions can be asked at any point if anything is not clear.

The end of all experiences is simply to be...

Nick Roach

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