Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems

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Legal Notice: Disclaimer


This website and indeed all that Nick Roach teaches via whatever medium consists of information and details relating to Nick's experiences and personal insights. Despite this, very little of what is shared and/or expressed is 'new', in as much as self exploration gives rise to a certain 'knowledge' or information and throughout history and across the world such knowledge or information has been expressed by other teachers, as well as in formal religions and in similar or different ways. Whilst everything is shared with the best of intentions, some aspects may not be relevant to the individual at any given moment in time and most importantly it is understood that certain aspects could be confusing and/or disturbing. This relates both to the teaching itself as well as to what a person may uncover or experience within themselves. Nick Roach (and/or Nick Roach Teachings) accepts no responsibility for any apparently negative reaction a person may experience as a result of reading Nick's website or from any other medium in which the teaching is expressed or experienced. A person or persons reading Nick's website and books, or emails written by Nick in reply to them (or others), or articles written by Nick published elsewhere, or listening to or watching recordings of Nick, or experiencing Nick's teaching in any other medium not listed here does so entirely at their own risk. Furthermore, Nick makes no promises of development or results. The core of Nick's teaching is that the individual is responsible for their own life, in as much as anyone is responsible for anything, and this includes and extends to the exploration of Nick's works as well as any reaction to what is learned or experienced as a result. It is assumed you are taking and following medical advice as appropriate to you and that you will in no way hold Nick Roach or Nick Roach Teachings responsible for your health and well being, whether physical, mental or emotional. Nick teaches simply self observation and the practice of self awareness, and with that foundation one should go about their duties of life and living.      




Permission is given for small sections of this website, as well as any other media where Nick Roach's teaching is expressed to be shared by another party providing credit is given to the source (ie. Nick Roach). Where the intention is to re-distribute larger portions of Nick's work, please contact Nick Roach Teachings to clarify terms. Such requests would usually be considered favourably as are often regarded as publicising and raising awareness of Nick's teaching, but permission should be sought nevertheless.  


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