Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems

Nick Roach


Nick began looking for some reason behind all the emotional ups and downs at the age of 17 years. He soon found and single-pointedly followed the teachings of a Western Spiritual Master until at the end of 2002, at the age of 30 years and after many years of inner work, Nick entered the much sought after state known, amongst other names as ‘Spiritual Enlightenment’.


Of course, the story did not end there, and in 2011, after a few difficult years, Nick entered a new level of experience: the centre evaporated in what has been referred to as No-self amongst other names, and life began to flow. Later the division between what 'is' and the observer evaporated.  


Nick now teaches the subject and endeavours to do so in the simplest and most direct way possible, showing others that they too can experience this state thing that many that dispute is achievable, or whether it even exists at all.


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Please visit the 'Biography' page for a more complete description of Nick's journey.


The Truth is Within you. (Where else could it be?...)

In November 2017 I created a video describing my own spiritual journey and teaching.

(It was actually for a new YouTube channel created specifically for sharing of spiritual experiences, hence the title.) 

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"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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