Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems


One-to-Ones can be arranged at almost any fairly quiet place, be it a café or hotel bar, a coffee shop, or at a place of residence. The only requirement is that it is easy for Nick to get to.



The cost of a One-to-One meeting with Nick is only £50.00* per hour for a maximum of 3 hours. (And this is the same for two or more people; in fact it can help if both parties in a relationship are present.) And if meeting at a venue which requires the purchase of drinks such as teas and coffees, we would ask that these are added to the above cost.


Before arranging a meeting

While anyone may request a meeting with Nick, Nick's books provide a detailed description of Nick's approach and teaching, and it can often prove helpful to read these first. Especially as it's not unusual for one's questions and problems to seem to evaporate when with Nick in person. (Perhaps at least read the most recent little book which summarises everything very simply: Books)


So it would be helpful if you've managed to try the method of consciously facing and dissolving emotion prior to the meeting, since that is what will be described in response to most questions, and you will better understand what is being described. There are many videos about this on our YouTube Channel 


Note: for Anxiety related issues, please see note at bottom of page

Requesting a meeting - Venue

If you would like to request a One-to-One meeting with Nick it could help to have an idea in mind as to possible venues. They can be in any relatively quiet place, be it someone's home if local or a coffee shop or similar otherwise. Nick's partner Sally would usually be present too. Meetings can be arranged during or around normal working hours as required. Nick is in Woking in Surrey during the week and often near Chichester in West Sussex at the weekends.


Woking has very good train links and is on the main line between Portsmouth and London Waterloo. There are also several public car parks in and around the town centre.


If a meeting is to be held in Woking in the evening, a location we have used previously is the Hilton near the town centre, where there is a relatively quiet area with tables and seating near the restaurant/bar area. Once a date and time is agreed, Nick will try to arrange for a table to be reserved for the meeting. Address: Crimson Hotel by Hilton, Victoria Way, Woking, Surrey, GU21 8EW.  website:

If meeting during the day then there is a far greater choice of venues.

As mentioned above, Sally, Nick's partner, is also usually present and willing to share some of her own experiences as appropriate, which offers an alternative perspective and can be very helpful to single people and couples alike.


Please contact us to arrange a meeting and confirm details.


Thank you

* Note: the value of £50 per hour for the meeting has been reached in an attempt to balance affordability (to be accessible to as many people as possible) with a high enough cost so as to instil a feeling in the person that the meeting has some value, both in what has been given to them as well as in what they have received. The cost has been arrived at so as to be in alignment with other holistic therapies in the area. 


Having said the above, it is also understood that in the UK the cost of a normal tradesman is often in excess of £50 per hour, and to employ the expertise of a senior consultant and expert in their field can be several £100 per hour. But despite this, it is not unusual for a person at the end of the meeting, when all their questions have been answered and they state how great it's been, to then haggle over what to pay.


The meeting is always relaxed and light-hearted, more like friends having a chat over a coffee than a formal meeting. But please do understand that Nick is still giving up his time and sharing his experience, and as relaxed as the environment is made to be and as reasonable as the amount is (relatively speaking), the payment is your opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for what you have received, not to try to get a bargain.


If you have any other questions before the meeting, please feel free to ask.


Thank you  

NOTE: Anxiety


Whilst Nick has done the Certificates in counselling, some years ago, and indeed teaches how to live without problems, and has also created a few videos on dealing with anxiety and related issues which are freely available on Youtube ehich some find helpful, Nick's specific knowledge and experience is in relation to dealing with actual problems as well loss etc, where there is a physical cause and a subsequent emotional reaction, the general instruction being to live consciously and experience and act from there. And Nick will talk one through the process to expose the peace behind the emotional turmouil, providing you with the tools to go away and continue to explore it yourself.


However, where the issue relates to deep rooted anxiety, simply being conscious may not be enough and a more in-depth therapeutic process might be required, where one may talk through and explore various aspects of the situation and explore the various causes. Regrettably, this is not Nick's area of expertise. And we therefore need to ask you to seek a qualified counsellor for this.    

"The end of all experiences is simply to be"

Nick Roach

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