Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems
Nick Roach - Living Without Problems

Skype Meetings

10th March 2018
Having resisted it for many years for various reasons, not least of all the danger of technical difficulties, I just held my first ever meeting via Skype. It went OK, and I will now offer these in the future.
However, I thought it appropriate to make a little video to accompany this new facility so as to give a little more information.
As it was already set up, I used the same laptop which I used for the skype meeting, with the built in camera and microphone, and as per the above concern there are indeed issues at the beginning with the image and voice being out of sync. and at various times throughout the sound drops out momentarily. (There are also one or two strange shadows, but I won't draw your attention to them specifically. I'll just say that if something looks slightly odd, that might be it.)
My perfectionist element wanted to re-do the video using my other camera, but it does make the point that skype and the quality of webcams etc. can be unpredictable. So it's been left as is.
Please make sure you watch the following video prior to requesting a skype meeting.
Thank you



The cost of a skype meeting has been set at £50 inline with some other teachers (but also less than others). 


There is no fixed length of time for the meeting, but as described in the above video it won't be 3 hours like our meetings in person.  


If you have watched the above video (and this is VITAL please) and would still like to arrange a skype meeting, please email info(at) (relpacing (at) with @ of course), and we'll agree a time and date and send you the link to make the payment via paypal prior to the meeting.   


Thank you


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