Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach facing the camera with a lake behind
Nick Roach - Awake in the Dream
Nick Roach - Awake in the Dream

Liberation / No-self

As I turned 38, June 2011, I was 3 months into a new phase; one which I had referred to in our 2nd book Essays in Truth, Glimpses in to Reality as being an inevitable future point in the journey, but at that time was then totally forgotten.


During the following years (since 2011) I kept a diary here as this new experience (or, state of 'being', or whatever term one prefers to use) deepened, until 2016 when I finally got round to writing my spiritual autobiography and the entries have been included in that book.


And it is amazing how this latest phase brings together all that has gone before, as well as removing a few remaining questions.


Despite this, as we know, the journey continues; whilst one has a body, anyway. So I do not claim to have 'finished'. Nevertheless, I believe enough 'ground' has been covered during my life, and the method or process clear enough so as to be described and understood, that my story should be of some benefit to others seeking the same end.


11th April 2017

A new experience for me and described in this video, 'After No-self or Liberation'.


Link to video: After No-self or Liberation

The end of all experiences is simply to be...

Nick Roach

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